-Excerpt from the best-selling book Silly Adventures of Gail the Snail and the Chocolate Cake.
       " Mmmmm, Mmmmmm, what a cake!" I say. Crumb, after crumb, after crumb, we eat until we topple over on the table. When we finish eating only one crumb is left on the plate. "We've got a problem!" says Gail.

Gail the Snail and her cousin Vale want to be the new Pastry Chefs in the Rose Garden, for President Sn'Obama, at the White House.

They enter the great Chocolate Cake Contest. President Sn'Obama is the one an only contest judge!  

Soon,  they scoot along the Ole Snail Trail to gather secret  ingredients for their yummy, delicious chocolate cake!  

 But, when taste-test time comes, Gail & Vale can't resist the gooey & delicious chocolate taste.  Suddenly,  only one crumb is left for President Sn"Obama to judge. What will he do?

Come along and discover if the chocolate secret is inside of ...... a single crumb!!   

Meet the Author: Virginia M. Smith

  A daughter, sister, aunt, friend, former K-5 teacher, and adjunct professor who lives near Richmond, Virginia.  Ms. Smith earned degrees from Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia, and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. She loves to create children's  books that build creativity and imaginative thinking.  In 2014, the first book in the series; " The Silly Adventures of Gail the Snail and the Disco Ball" was published by Tate Publishing.  "The Silly Adventures of Gail the Snail and the Chocolate Cake" was published in 2015.