Other future works from Virginia Smith:    "Vasper and the Playground Fairy"...coming soon

​​​​                              Finally......My Blog Space!  March 24, 2017

Writing, like life,  is its own adventure. Often we start with a destination in mind, but along the way we encounter a new idea,  thought, or decision made by others, that grants  permission to  change direction.

During the month of February 2017,  I was informed by my publisher, Tate Publishing, of their decision to go through a "business transition." Its meaning and timeline has not been shared.  However, my books and perhaps other Tate authors' books are in limbo, Limboland.  

"Where is Limboland?" you ask.  Frankly, I don't know. But, what I do know is that I am moving in a new direction with a new agent and publishing house.

So, if you are interested in reading copies of my books, please email me at Svirginia100@yahoo.com